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At Harbour Eye Specialists, we provide quality diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of eye conditions.

Our team of highly qualified ophthalmologists combine advanced training and experience gathered in a range of specialist eye departments in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

Eye Conditions

Harbour Eye Specialists provide a range of general and specialised eye services


We offer comprehensive ophthalmological consultations for all eye conditions and welcome patients of all ages.

Surgery & Treatments

Our ophthalmic treatments include:


Our surgeons perform modern cataract surgery by phacoemulsification with insertion of state of the art IOL implants. Modern cataract surgery is a highly effective surgical procedure. The surgery typically requires less than half a day in hospital.


A pterygium is a triangular shaped lump of tissue, which grows from the the thin membrane that covers the white of the eye (conjunctiva) onto the cornea. We use the latest techniques for pterygium surgery including conjunctival grafting with tissue glue.

Watery Eyes

We perform the full range of surgical procedures to treat watery eyes in children and in adults.

Squint Surgery

Squint (Strabismus) Surgery corrects misalignment of the eyes by adjusting the muscles of the eyes. This surgery can be performed on both children and adults.

Eyelid Surgery

We can perform surgery for various eyelid conditions including eyelid tumours and for malpositions of the eyelids including entropion and ectropion and ptosis.

Macular Degeneration

We offer services for the diagnosis and treatment of Macular Degeneration including treatment with Avastin and other state of the art medications.

Our Specialists


Dr Neil Aburn attended medical school in Auckland. He did his basic training in Ophthalmology in Wellington. Following Ophthalmology training in New Zealand he gained further experience and expertise working in the United States, England and Australia. Dr Aburn is an experienced cataract surgeon. He also specialises in neuro-ophthalmology, eyelid and lacrimal surgery and Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Dr Aburn works at Bowen, Boulcott and Southern Cross hospitals in Wellington. He is also a Visiting Ophthalmologist at Capital Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs and has previously been Clinical Leader in Ophthalmology at both DHBs. He is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Ophthalmology at the Wellington School of Medicine.


Dr Helen Long practises as a General Ophthalmologist (Cataracts, Glaucoma), with a special interest in medical retinal conditions (Macular Degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy) as well as Ocular Inflammatory conditions such as iritis. She operates in both Southern Cross and Bowen Hospitals also holding Visiting Ophthalmologist clinics in Capital and Coast DHB. She is Clinical Leader of Ophthalmology at Capital Coast DHB. Dr Long graduated from the University of Otago Medical school in 1990, and from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology in 2005 having trained in the Wellington Eye department. She completed her fellowship training in Bristol, UK and returned to Wellington to take up a Consultant Position in 2005.


Dr Brenda Breidenstein has been practising in Wellington since 2014. She emigrated to New Zealand in 2013 to complete a fellowship in paediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus at the University of Auckland. After fellowship she and her husband Landon decided they wanted to make NZ their permanent home and settled in Wellington. Brenda practises comprehensive ophthalmology for patients of all ages as well as being a specialist Paediatric Ophthalmologist. Her ophthalmology training was completed in the United States at University of California San Diego (paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus fellowship) and University of South Florida (comprehensive ophthalmology registrar training). She obtained her doctorate in medicine at University of Virginia in 2008 and bachelor of science in psychology at University of Florida in 2004.

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